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• adopt SSRA as a congregation, parish, or benefice

• refer everyone who needs to know the readings
to the website, where they can see the readings
for the day, and browse through the readings for the year

• pages can be printed directly from the website

• works on any device with a web browser,
including laptops, smartphones, desktops, and tablets

• optional smart print editions are available for the desk and the lectern

takes all the hard work out of finding, choosing, printing
and distributing the Sunday morning scripture readings

encourages more confident participation in the public reading of scripture by more readers

encourages a greater appreciation of the public reading of scripture by more hearers

offers all three readings, to establish familiarity with more than 400 key passages of scripture across a three‑year cycle, for an investment of just five minutes of the Sunday gathering each week

compatible with thousands of lectionary‑based resources in print and online for sermons, prayers, children’s work and more

a complete Sunday lectionary solution for busy clergy and lay‑led congregations

ideal for ordinary local churches on ordinary Sunday mornings

the three year programme of readings
The main programme works through one gospel and a series of epistles each year, between 7 January and 26 November. It pauses for a fifteen-week Easter series, which includes readings from Acts. Finally a Christmas series runs from 27 November to 6 January. An Old Testament reading each Sunday helps illustrate the gospel reading for the day. More than 400 key passages of scripture are read across a three‑year cycle. [more]

compatible with CW, RCL and more
SSRA is compatible with Common Worship Principal Service Lectionary (CW), Revised Common Lectionary (RCL), and Lectionary for Mass (LFM), giving access to a vast library of lectionary‑based resources, both in print and online. Where CW, RCL and LFM occasionally differ from each other, SSRA prioritises the systematic reading of the gospels and epistles for the year, reducing interruptions and omissions to a minimum. [more]

a scripture translation for reading aloud
Where other translations are offered primarily as study texts, or to be read alone at home, the SSRA translation is offered specifically for reading aloud - to encourage more confident participation in the public reading of scripture by more readers, and to encourage a greater appreciation of the public reading of scripture by more hearers. The text is arranged to be easy on the eye, and on the voice, for the reader, and to be easy on the ear, for the hearer, who should be able to follow the reading, without needing a printed text, even on first hearing. [more]

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(PDF, 72 pages, 548kb)

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If you haven’t come across yet, you really should. A new resource with bible translations of lectionary readings done especially to be read out in a congregational setting. I honestly think it’s terrific - and the printed versions are top notch. The translations sound clear when read out loud, and - crucially - are printed in such a way that makes them much easier to see and understand. It’s genuinely a people-focussed resource, and I commend it wholeheartedly. Revd Marcus Green Chaplain at Worcester College Oxford

...takes all the hard work out of finding, choosing, printing and distributing the Sunday morning scripture readings ... can be accessed in advance, or on the day, from any device with a web browser, including laptops, smartphones, desktops, and tablets. There’s a button to print out the current page and another to turn the page to any future Sunday, and there’s an optional print edition available as well, to look smart on the lectern...
Blackburn Diocese

Some congregations are losing the Old Testament as a result of lectionary overload. Michael Hampson’s attractive presentations in short lines and his intelligent editing will enlarge appreciation for the prophets and make the epistles more accessible. I recommend his work to all who prepare services - it will help many to hear the Word of God in scripture and will encourage further Bible study. Revd Dr Robert Morgan Reader in New Testament Theology at Oxford University, Fellow of Linacre College Oxford, Priest‑in‑charge, Sandford‑on‑Thames

Innumerable churchgoers will be grateful to Michael Hampson for providing lectionary texts which are at one and the same time conducive to being read aloud and to being readily understood by those hearing them. It is to be hoped that they will be widely used. Revd Canon Dr David Peacock OBE Former Principal of Whitelands College, University of Roehampton

Sunday Scriptures for Reading Aloud is the first in a planned series of practical, ready‑to‑use resources for every Sunday of the three year cycle. [more]